Young People

Suicide Safer Schools, Colleges and Universities

Our Young People Project is supporting the Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Education sectors to develop their capacity to respond to students at risk of suicide. It is intended that this project will be supported by grant funding, and throughout 2019 and 2020 will be delivered by Action To Prevent SuicideATPS in partnership with Papyrus, the prevention of young suicide charity. The project will work with participating education establishments and their communities to:

  • Increase suicide intervention knowledge and skills
  • Establish safety contacts
  • Create a network of trained responders to help those at risk of suicide
  • Provide streamlined referral pathways to a network of connected local community and health services

Following an evaluation, schools and communities that are actively engaged in the project may be accredited as a ‘Suicide Safer School’ via Action To Prevent Suicide. A local researcher will lead an evaluation to determine the efficacy of the project and the evaluation will inform quality improvement of the approach and assist in replicating the project in other schools, colleges and universities.

There is a natural progression from these three institutions and working with Papyrus we will engage the debate around suicide, offer training to pupils, staff, parents and other members of the school community to become Mental Health and Suicide First Aiders. By starting at school, young people are supported to progress and develop their understanding of, and skills to deal with, suicide within their relative institutions.

Suicide Awareness, Prevention and Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

32 Young Lead Volunteers’ will be recruited across Devon and Torbay to participate in the project which will involve:

  • Participation in suicide awareness and alertness training
  • Organising, coordinating and delivering a minimum of 3 suicide prevention activities within their chosen community
  • Activities range from distributing Suicide Prevention literature, organising a workshop, fundraising or staffing an Action To Prevent Suicide stand at a community event

Collectively the project will deliver 96 individual suicide prevention activities across Devon.

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