Evidence That Suicide Prevention Works

There is now a large body evidence which confirms that suicide prevention training is effective. Here we have selected a few studies which show how suicide prevention can help to save lives.

Evaluation of the Scottish safeTALK Pilot

Conducted by professionals from the Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health, this study focused on the use of safeTALK within mental health, physical health, education, law enforcement and corrections. The study found:

  • High levels of satisfaction and increased skills.
  • Increased confidence to intervene with someone at risk for suicide.

ASIST: Analysis of the Benefits and Costs

This cost-benefit analysis found:

  • Implementation of ASIST will significantly reduce suicide attempts.
  • Implementation of ASIST will significantly reduce suicide deaths.
  • The impact of ASIST is long-lasting and cost-effective.

The study was conducted by researchers from the RAND Corporation.

safeTALK: Suicide Prevention in Young People

An Evaluation of the safeTALK Program in High Schools. This report was written by mental health professionals in Australia and found:

  • Participants demonstrated increased knowledge about suicide.
  • Participants demonstrated confidence in talking about issues related to suicide.
  • Participants demonstrated a likelihood of seeking help for suicidal thoughts.

ASIST: Suicide Intervention Training for Schools

This detailed study investigated differences between 104 school personnel who received ASIST training and a control group of 45. Specifically, this study covered:

  • Suicide intervention skills.
  • Attitudes toward suicide.
  • Knowledge of suicide.
  • Comfort, competence, and confidence in responding to individuals at risk of suicide.

Results indicated:

  • A significant positive effect for training on all measures.

LivingWorks: Latest Evidence & Infographics

This PDF gives a global overview of the impact of suicide prevention training. Includes the latest evidence sources and infographics.

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