Suicide First Aiders – Suicide Prevention in the Community

We are looking to train in excess of 600 community volunteers across Devon and Torbay in a range of suicide prevention courses and interventions during 2019 and 2020. In late 2018 we will relaunch our Suicide Safer Devon crowdfunder as the cornerstone of our fundraising campaign aiming to generate £100k to support this community intervention. We will look to raise additional funds through corporate donations, philanthropic, funding from local authorities at district and county level and grant funding from the National Lottery as well as charitable trusts and foundations. We will also be organising fundraising events with our partners, stakeholders and supporters and generally working to raise awareness about our work.

Our aim is to see all Suicide First Aiders linked together through a supportive network, joining the 300+ people already trained in Devon.

Suicide Safer Sanctuaries Devon

We are currently working with Mark Giugno of Schumacher College to develop a retreat for men at risk of suicide, initially on the Dartington Hall Trust Estate. The idea is based on creating sanctuary pods or shepherds huts for men in crisis where they can seek respite and the aim is to have up to five sites in Devon, eventually teaming up with a partner organisation to acquire a number of respite houses. An example of this approach is the Maytree Centre in London.

Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters – Triangles of Support Network

When young people are at risk of suicide their families invariably struggle, often unaware of where to find help and support or even how to ask for it. Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters is a project aimed at creating an informal network of parents and caregivers, supported by a team of volunteers, who can give mutual support to each other over the telephone and digital media platforms. Our aim is to develop a supportive network across Devon and to provide basic suicide awareness and prevention training to all volunteer supporters.

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