Training 625 Suicide First Aiders for Devon

All money raised will When it comes to physical First Aid, many of us know what to do to help and it’s easy to find training, support and guidance should we wish to provide it for others. When it comes to Suicide First Aid, however, most of us wouldn’t know where to go to receive training nor even know who to turn to at work or within our communities should the need arise.

Luckily, there are proven training courses available. And we’d like to train 625 people to become Suicide First Aiders within their communities – so that, collectively we can prevent this tragic loss of life.

Approximately 5,700 people take their own lives in the UK every year – compared to 1,700 killed by road traffic accidents.

Initially, we’d like to train people in two types of courses – for free:

  • safeTALK – a short course aimed at anyone over 15 years of age. We’ll train 343 people in safeTALK.
  • ASIST – a more in-depth course aimed at those with a deeper interest in suicide prevention. We’ll train 282 people in ASIST.

Eventually, we want to extend our training courses to include ASK – aimed specifically at those working with young people. Your support will create a continuous network of trained Suicide First Aiders – saving lives and helping our community respond constructively to this pressing issue.

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What do you say to someone who wants to take their own life?
All money raised will used to provide training so that anyone in distress will have someone they can talk to, and there will always be someone close by who knows how to have that difficult conversation.

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